How to Change Your Career


If the question is raised ‘how to change your career’, before asking that, one might ask why should I change careers? Why would anyone want to change their career? Let’s look at some reasons why you should change your career, if you feel so inclined to do so.

* You’re not able to meet your financial obligations in your present situation

Today, with the actual unemployment rate of ‘once working Americans now out of work’ being over 20%, or 1 in 5, a career change may not be a matter of should I, but rather I must! Many industries are suffering as never before. The ‘housing bust’ caused massive layoffs in the construction industry, and with no recovery in sight, many who knew nothing but construction related trades and services must now look to a new industry that has not disappeared as theirs did.

This can also be seen in the real estate industry, the mortgage industry, the furniture industry, the travel industry, the insurance industry, the hospitality and hotel industry, and the list goes on and on. For the unfortunate folks whose livelihood depended on these once booming industries that are now dead, the question is not if I should change careers, the question is how do I start over in life in my late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or even 60’s! A career change is not matter of if, but a matter of how.
A career change must take place if you are in an industry that has no light at the end of the tunnel. Successful people know when to ‘let the dead horse die’ so to speak, and begin the journey of finding and learning a career that still has opportunities.

*You’re in a situation in which you feel like you’re dying. Basically you hate your job.

People who live to make money alone are usually miserable people. Most of the time they are void of any real fulfillment. They sometimes get into things like drugs, alcohol abuse and other destructive lifestyles, basically to escape the reality of an unfulfilled life. There is a saying that says ‘better to have tried and failed, then never to have tried at all’. In this context, continuing in a career that you hate is a mistake. If you are working in a career you feel unfulfilled in, the answer could be learning a new career in your ‘off work’ time so you can make the switch with the least amount of pain possible.

* The timing is right

Working for a large company where thousands get the axe every quarter can be very stressful. In that situation you live at the mercy of one day possibly being one of the unfortunate ones. Whether the reason you are laid off comes from a slow market, or the company just wants to increase it’s ‘bottom line’, when you see your piers getting pink slips week after week, that may be the perfect time to plan a career change.

We have shown just a few reasons why certain people may need to consider a career change. In conclusion, I would like to explain briefly how to make the change. First you need to;

* Find something you love and learn it inside and out. Next you need to;
* Make sure your industry of choice is doing well in the market and shows future growth. Lastly you need to;
* Spend time searching the Internet until you find just what you would like to do.

Once you have found your dream career, get enrolled in a ‘hands on’, affordable, training program in the field you end up choosing.

A study was recently done that showed the best investment return, out of all possible investments including Real Estate, Stocks, Gold, and every other type of investment you could think of was this.

They found the one investment that paid back a higher yield in the long run, over any other investment there was, from every industry possible was investing in educating yourself in your career was the #1 highest return of all possible investments, dollar for dollar! It’s called investing in yourself!

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