Popular Business Degree Concentrations


One of the most popular degrees to earn is in the business field. As this field contains a variety of careers and specializations, a general business degree may suit individuals well in their future pursuits. However, for those who desire to begin a career in a particular sector of the business world, a more focused degree may be more beneficial. At times, understanding the degree that will be the most helpful in the future isn’t realized until after earning a general business degree. Online programs have grown in popularity, and can be extremely accommodating to those who are currently employed, but would like to further their education.

Earning a degree online allows students to keep their familial, career, and personal responsibilities, while gaining the flexibility of completing a degree off-campus. While online business programs may encompass a large amount of the same classes, choosing a centralized focus will assist students in learning more about their chosen field. The four most common bachelor degrees students choose are in marketing, human resources, business administration, or accounting.

The first degree is a Bachelor in Human Resources. This field involves communicating with potential and current employees. While participating in related classes, students will learn about recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and firing, among other subjects. As human resource professionals interact with others on a daily basis, students will also explore how to work with both individuals and teams. These professionals are also expected to be motivating and encouraging in a work environment. Those who earn this degree may be interested in a career as a HR manager, HR executive, planning manager, or training manager, among other options.

Another common degree is a Bachelor in Business Administration. Positions in this sector have a wide range of responsibilities, and can be found in any area that utilizes marketing or business. Classes in these programs will focus on the different areas found in organizations, and how they interact with each other. While this degree should allow students to enter the business world in an entry-level position, the higher positions typically involve managerial roles. As such, classes will also cover leadership, managerial skills, decision-making, and problem-solving.

The next degree is a Bachelor in Accounting. Those in these programs often find the work to be very challenging, as these classes involve complex mathematics. Concentrations of these courses typically include taxation, management theory, auditing, management accounting, business mathematics, and financial accounting.

The last popular business degree is a Bachelor in Marketing. Those wishing to enter positions as digital media strategists, SEO analysts, marketing research managers, social media coordinators, or marketing managers typically participate in these programs. Classes will focus on advertising, marketing, promotions, and sales. While the responsibilities of these professionals will vary depending on where they work, most will need to communicate with customers, design marketing strategies, deal with public relations, explore global marketing, and understand target marketing, among other topics.

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